What is the typical process involved in becoming a ReFocus practice?

First, either you contact us or we make the initial contact based on our market research. We make sure you know how things will unfold right from the start. You can ask as many questions as you like and we will gladly answer them without pressuring you in any way. If you decide to proceed, we will discuss the terms with you and settle upon an initial structure for our offer. That will be followed up with a letter confirming the offer, which you will most likely explore with your lawyer and other key members of your team. Together, we will explore any necessary adjustments before finalizing the offer.

How long does the process take?

On average, 90 days. Your particular scenario, of course, may be shorter or longer.

Who is funding this?

ReFocus Eye Health is a leading management services organization that is building a patient- centric eye health network in the Northeast area. We are excited about building a best-in-class platform, which will be differentiated by a unique culture that puts patients and physicians first and provides patients with unparalleled customer service. We are fully capitalized, funded by Zenyth Partners, a growth-oriented private equity firm that has a strong track record of success in growing and scaling healthcare businesses.

Does this mean I will have to leave the practice/retire?

Not at all. You can determine the extent of your participation moving forward. If you do want to retire, that’s entirely up to you.

If I stay with the practice, will I be answering to a “boss?”

No. It will proceed very much as a team effort. We will discuss all key matters with you and are very open to your input. After all, you built the practice! But, we will also bring some outside perspectives and expertise that you might have never considered before. Overall, collaboration is very important to our working relationship.

What will happen to my staff?

That’s a very valid question. It’s not our intention to come in and “clean house.” If you are happy with your current staff’s performance, we will make it very much a priority to help them thrive.

What kinds of changes can my staff expect?

Changes for the better. Benefits that typically exceed market standards. Generous performance incentives. Opportunities for growth and advancement. Training and education.

What kinds of changes can my patients expect?

Again, our intent is to take your already exceptional level of care to even higher levels. First, patients will notice new signage and other patient-facing materials having the ReFocus identity. Because we bring marketing expertise, patients can actually expect a consistent program of communications to keep them engaged, informed and alert to any specials that might be scheduled. In addition, they can expect the added convenience of online appointment scheduling and a patient portal with all of their relevant information.