Powerful partners.
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Joining forces with external partners is nothing to be considered lightly.

What if we told you our definition of growth extends well beyond increasing revenue? That we are here for the long haul to handle that aspect so you can define growth on your own terms?

We’re good people who believe in the power of the right partnership. Growing together, collaborating and sharing knowledge, helps all of us, our patients and healthcare as a whole.

ReFocus Aquires Opticare

ReFocus Eye Health is excited to announce the acquisition of OptiCare. This partnership brings all three Connecticut locations into the ReFocus network along with a passionate team of eye health experts.


Ask yourself—and your partners—what truly appeals to you:

  • Spending more time mentoring junior doctors/staff?
  • Working in local hospitals more, mentoring residents and doing Grand Rounds?
  • Researching? Publishing? Having speaking engagements?


You and your partners have built a thriving practice. And while it’s given you a lot, it’s also probably taken it out of you, too. That “us against the world” feeling you have with your partners might need a little outside perspective. We will bring enormous energy, infusing you with a new sense of purpose, excitement and direction. Every day will be a new chance to see how far you can go without the burdens of running a business.


By now, it’s likely you have a staff in place who understands your practice and your patients and brings value every day. We say, don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Rather, give your trusted team better benefits, competitive salaries and more opportunities to learn and grow.

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"The ReFocus team made the whole transition process so painless. It was really refreshing. I didn’t feel pressured in any way, and they were willing to work with me to meet my specific needs."

- Dr. Richard S. Casden

Benefits of Partnership

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